Friday, March 30, 2012

Pretty Little Liars By Sara Shepard

Part I.

Reflect- Everyone was something to hide. In a group of friends, there's always a shoulder to cry on, the only one you'd ever want telling or calling about your crush and the final word on whether your outfits made you look good or bad and knows everything about you, including your good and bad stuff. But what if everything turns to horrible situation? How can you candle it or how your friendship can hold on it?
In this story, it talks about how a friendship was set apart because of an unexpected tragedy that happened. I felt it was brave for Emily to confess her feelings to Alison and Maya. But I did not expect that Ben (Emily's boyfriend) will find it out. I didn't think it was right for Hanna to use some ugly tricks to stay beautiful. She is hurting herself and that's surprised me. I guess it's hard for Aria to accept that Ezra was mad at her. She really thought that she already got Ezra but because of "A" everything turns to chaos. And I also didn't think it was right for Spencer to covet her sister's boyfriend. If they really like each other, maybe they can do it in a nice way that no one will get hurt and get mad too much. I can understand why Spencer's parents got really mad at her. 

Connect- It was November 26, 2011 when my best friend  and I became really good friends. It's our friendship anniversary. She really knows about me: bad and good stuff and those secrets that I cannot say to anyone. We exchange feelings, ideas and emotions and we're not ashamed to each other. We're opened to each other and we're like sisters. Like in the story, Alison, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria are really good friends and I can say best of friends. They know each other very well. But not like in the story, our friendship will never ever be ruin just because of a tragedy or any unexpected situation. That whatever happens, our friendship will stay together. 

Question- I wonder who "A" is? I'm really confused why A kept on watching every moves Hanna and her friends are doing. I also couldn't figure out why A knows everything in the girls. As the story says, Alison is already dead and if she is dead who is "A"? The only person that knew everything about the girls was Alison. I guess doing that to Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria is a bad one because she is making fun of them even though they deserves punishment because of their naughty behavior. 

Predict- I think that if Spencer didn't tell Alison to go out during their sleep over in her house, Alison would not be dead and there's no such thing as "A". Maybe their friendship will grow stronger and their life would not be miserable as now.

Part II.

Write a letter to the author.

                                                                                                                                   March 30, 2012

Ms. Sara Shepard:

Good day!

I have read Your book entitled "Pretty Little Liars". It was a two-thumbs up novel. Upon reading your novel, all I have do is to appreciate it. The settings, the plot, the twist in every scene and the way you have described each character's attitude amazed me. I have enjoyed it. It talks about friendship and interpersonal relations that makes the reader like it so much. We, teenagers, can relate to it. By the way, I'm really confused who this "A" is? hahaha! :) but I'm hoping that I can read the series of it and I'm trying.
Thank you and more powers to you Sara.
God bless.

                                                                                                                            Truly yours,

                                                                                                                           Jean L. Achapero

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HUNGER GAMES By Suzanne Collins

Part I.

Reflect- I think it was too hard for Katniss to hear that Prim's name was chosen to be one of the children to be killed in the Hunger Games. Katniss knew the risk she would take when she volunteered to be taken in place of her sister. I think that it is not correct to have an activity like Hunger Games because the participant are on minor ages. I think it's hard for Katniss and Peeta to live their family without knowing if they could ever come back alive and entering in that arena without any proper training is a difficult one.

Connect- Saying goodbye to your love ones is a painful one. I can relate to the feelings that Katniss had felt because I have once experience that. Sometimes I have encountered problems that it seems to be I cannot take just like Katniss, entering in the Hunger Games is not just a problem but a faith to be accepted. She thought she would'nt able to do it but in the end because of perseverance and courage, she was able to conquered it until the last. In this story, it shows that even though all of you are fighting for your lives, there is still a heart that shows compassion to the other who needs your help even you that he/she might kill you in the end.

Questions- I wonder why if Peeta really love Katniss or is he just making story so that they can get sponsors. I think it was hard for Katniss to kiss Peeta without any assurance if she do really love Peeta. I wonder why how does Katniss feels when she would kiss Peeta and there are many people watching and talking about them.

Predict- I think if the announcer did not change again their decision that only person should live, Peeta and Katniss would have been dead. No participant would be able to win if Katniss pursue her pals that they would eat the poisonous plant.

Part II

What is your favorite part in the story? Make a predictions.

My favorite part in the story is when Katniss and Peeta are been chased by there dead co-participants who became mutants. You can feel the fear and the adrenaline that is flowing in their veins, running for their life. 
If Katniss and Peeta was not able to reach the lake, they would be probably killed by those mutants and either the two of them would win the Hunger games. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Part I. 

Reflect: I thought it was not a good idea that Jeremy decided to marry Lexie because they've just known each other for a month but maybe they truly love each other. Alvin was right in confronting his best friend Jeremy about his plans about Lexie. He's just concern with Alvin and living in Boone Creek is a hard decision especially for Alvin because he needs to adapt the new place that he never imagined he would be living in his life. 

 Connect: In my life, sometimes I can get mistakes especially in terms of love. I have difficulties knowing if I really love a person and deciding a thing about certain situations. Just like Jeremy, I know what's the feeling of in doubt and because of this I have had questions in my mind and heart. 
Lexie in other hand, have to kept secret so that everything will be right just like me. In the story, the death of Lexie is the emotion that breaks Jeremy's heart but it is also the truth that heals it. Even how tragic your life would be, we should learned how to accept the truth even if it hurts us so much. 

Question: I wonder why Lexie had kept secrets on Jeremy? I would find it difficult to imagine how the things in their life go. I could not also figure out why Lexie really wants to live in Boone Creek without even thinking what would Jeremy's idea about the plans. I guess Lexie is just in hurry because sh is pregnant, wants to establish a family and spend her remaining life with Jeremy. I wonder why Lexie did not told Jeremy about her condition. 

Predict: I think that Jeremy will listen to Alvin about his concern because Alvin may help something about his problems. I think he will tell someday to Lexie about what he truly feels. I think that if Lexie did not die, their life will not be tragic, they may have a happy family. 

Part II. 
A letter to the author

January 30, 2012

Nicholas Sparks


I have just read your book entitled At first Sight and I found it very interesting. I almost cried upon reading it. I also found out that all of your books talks about love but in the ends turns to tragedy. I wonder why? You have a great idea and that makes me amazed in your writings. The shifting of new ideas to other was a genius. Even though it's a tragic story, you can late and get some lessons that you can apply to your life. 

I hope I can read the series of your books. 
Thank you and more powers to you!

Sincerely yours, 

Jean L. Achapero

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grays by Whitley Strieber


Reflect- I Think Lauren Glass was brave enough to accept the responsibilities that should be her father's fate.  It really surprised me because she inherited her fathers capabilities and that is her uncanny ability to communicate with the aliens. I felt the nervousness and the doubtful feeling when Mike Wilkes told Lauren that the fate of human race lies with her. I didn't think it was right for Mike Wilkes to blame Lauren why Adam has escaped because Lauren did anything to protect Adam. I have also felt the sadness in Lauren's heart when she cannot do anything to protect and save Adam from the fire and now she didn't know where Adam can be found.

Connect- Actually, when I was still in elementary, I used to think and asked myself if aliens truly exist. Mostly because I liked to read science fiction books. Sometimes, my mother would confront me that I'm already acting weird because she would say that its not appropriate for a girl like me to think weird things. Another connection I had with this story is that my classmates used to bully me when I was in elementary and high school. But its not the same with Conner's situation. Conner was bullied by the fact that he was too intelligent while I was bullied because of my physical appearance especially my color. I knew the feeling and the pain that Conner was experiencing. I have also experienced begging to someone who bullied and asked them to stop hurting and making fun of me.

Question- I wonder why Eamon Glass didn't tell Lauren about his special work in Air Force and about his uncanny ability that her daughter also possesses. I know its hard to accept but maybe it would be better for Lauren if she knew it before. I couldn't also figure out why the government was trying to sat that the aliens are here to invade our planet earth.Would it be okay if they just cooperate with the aliens? They are just trying to save their race, and ours too. Our fate lies with each other's hand.

Predict- I Think if Lauren and Conner knew that the fate of the Human race lies in their hands, they can easily adjust on the situation that is happening on their surrounding. If the government and the aliens will cooperate with each other, I think the possibilities of saving the human race would increase and there would be no coalition of ideas.




Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.......

Where At First Sight begins its story is after Jeremy’s proposal. The books setting begins in New York City as Lexi and Jeremy are preparing to move Jeremy to their future home, Boone Creek. Lexi is making Jeremy keep the baby a secret from his family and friends and the residents of Boone Creek until after the wedding, because she doesn’t want people to get the wrong impression of why he and Lexi have decided to get married after only a few weeks of knowing each other. The only people that know of the pregnancy are Jeremy’s long time best friend Alvin, and Lexis grandmother, Doris.
When Jeremy and Lexi return to Boone Creek, Jeremy finds himself unable to find the inspiration to write any new columns for his magazine. This adds to the stress of buying a new house for his new family and having a child on the way. Dorris tries to help Jeremy with this problem by giving him her book. Dorris is the town psychic and has the specialty of predicting the sex of a newborn baby, and records it all in her book. Dorris suggests that Jeremy try to write about the journal for a new column.

Budoy and Buday:)