Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.......

Where At First Sight begins its story is after Jeremy’s proposal. The books setting begins in New York City as Lexi and Jeremy are preparing to move Jeremy to their future home, Boone Creek. Lexi is making Jeremy keep the baby a secret from his family and friends and the residents of Boone Creek until after the wedding, because she doesn’t want people to get the wrong impression of why he and Lexi have decided to get married after only a few weeks of knowing each other. The only people that know of the pregnancy are Jeremy’s long time best friend Alvin, and Lexis grandmother, Doris.
When Jeremy and Lexi return to Boone Creek, Jeremy finds himself unable to find the inspiration to write any new columns for his magazine. This adds to the stress of buying a new house for his new family and having a child on the way. Dorris tries to help Jeremy with this problem by giving him her book. Dorris is the town psychic and has the specialty of predicting the sex of a newborn baby, and records it all in her book. Dorris suggests that Jeremy try to write about the journal for a new column.

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