Sunday, January 29, 2012


Part I. 

Reflect: I thought it was not a good idea that Jeremy decided to marry Lexie because they've just known each other for a month but maybe they truly love each other. Alvin was right in confronting his best friend Jeremy about his plans about Lexie. He's just concern with Alvin and living in Boone Creek is a hard decision especially for Alvin because he needs to adapt the new place that he never imagined he would be living in his life. 

 Connect: In my life, sometimes I can get mistakes especially in terms of love. I have difficulties knowing if I really love a person and deciding a thing about certain situations. Just like Jeremy, I know what's the feeling of in doubt and because of this I have had questions in my mind and heart. 
Lexie in other hand, have to kept secret so that everything will be right just like me. In the story, the death of Lexie is the emotion that breaks Jeremy's heart but it is also the truth that heals it. Even how tragic your life would be, we should learned how to accept the truth even if it hurts us so much. 

Question: I wonder why Lexie had kept secrets on Jeremy? I would find it difficult to imagine how the things in their life go. I could not also figure out why Lexie really wants to live in Boone Creek without even thinking what would Jeremy's idea about the plans. I guess Lexie is just in hurry because sh is pregnant, wants to establish a family and spend her remaining life with Jeremy. I wonder why Lexie did not told Jeremy about her condition. 

Predict: I think that Jeremy will listen to Alvin about his concern because Alvin may help something about his problems. I think he will tell someday to Lexie about what he truly feels. I think that if Lexie did not die, their life will not be tragic, they may have a happy family. 

Part II. 
A letter to the author

January 30, 2012

Nicholas Sparks


I have just read your book entitled At first Sight and I found it very interesting. I almost cried upon reading it. I also found out that all of your books talks about love but in the ends turns to tragedy. I wonder why? You have a great idea and that makes me amazed in your writings. The shifting of new ideas to other was a genius. Even though it's a tragic story, you can late and get some lessons that you can apply to your life. 

I hope I can read the series of your books. 
Thank you and more powers to you!

Sincerely yours, 

Jean L. Achapero

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