Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grays by Whitley Strieber


Reflect- I Think Lauren Glass was brave enough to accept the responsibilities that should be her father's fate.  It really surprised me because she inherited her fathers capabilities and that is her uncanny ability to communicate with the aliens. I felt the nervousness and the doubtful feeling when Mike Wilkes told Lauren that the fate of human race lies with her. I didn't think it was right for Mike Wilkes to blame Lauren why Adam has escaped because Lauren did anything to protect Adam. I have also felt the sadness in Lauren's heart when she cannot do anything to protect and save Adam from the fire and now she didn't know where Adam can be found.

Connect- Actually, when I was still in elementary, I used to think and asked myself if aliens truly exist. Mostly because I liked to read science fiction books. Sometimes, my mother would confront me that I'm already acting weird because she would say that its not appropriate for a girl like me to think weird things. Another connection I had with this story is that my classmates used to bully me when I was in elementary and high school. But its not the same with Conner's situation. Conner was bullied by the fact that he was too intelligent while I was bullied because of my physical appearance especially my color. I knew the feeling and the pain that Conner was experiencing. I have also experienced begging to someone who bullied and asked them to stop hurting and making fun of me.

Question- I wonder why Eamon Glass didn't tell Lauren about his special work in Air Force and about his uncanny ability that her daughter also possesses. I know its hard to accept but maybe it would be better for Lauren if she knew it before. I couldn't also figure out why the government was trying to sat that the aliens are here to invade our planet earth.Would it be okay if they just cooperate with the aliens? They are just trying to save their race, and ours too. Our fate lies with each other's hand.

Predict- I Think if Lauren and Conner knew that the fate of the Human race lies in their hands, they can easily adjust on the situation that is happening on their surrounding. If the government and the aliens will cooperate with each other, I think the possibilities of saving the human race would increase and there would be no coalition of ideas.




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